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October 16, 2017
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October 21, 2017
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Dear white and black people


Dear white and black people
With tears pouring, let me say,
I am so angry.

You haven’t stopped surprising me. When will this nonsense stop?
How you make your choices… when to think and when not to, what to think and how you think
Is a mockery to God our creator.
Since when, human beings can be compared to pigs?
Since when, human beings can be compared to monkeys?
Can the two be compared? Animals and humans .

Since when?
When did we start calling brown color black color?
And pink color white color?
Are these colours the same?
Does that make any sense?
Can that be said by a person who is thinking?
Blind following who?

Were you thinking?
When you called me black and my friend white.
Both bad actions and good actions are found in every race.
That’s why it’s so stupid to paint the whole race with one brush.
I call it – thinking deficiency.
And doing something bad does not make one a bad person.
So let’s criticise every bad action done by the person not the person,
for every person is a good person.
Have you noticed? Every criticized person finds reason to support his/her actions and keeps doing it.
Criticise every bad action whether committed by one of your own race, as we used to.
As long as it is a bad action. Condemn.
See things the way it is not the way we are or the way we want(for what we want may not be what we want).
Remember the wise words of Martin Luther king Jr to the jail guards.
“You rush to defend them because they are of the same race with you, forgetting that we are both victims, with the same problems and living under same terrible conditions”

Anyway, for today’s sake let me blind follow you(blacks and whites).
To those who say blacks are the poorest.
Have you ever heard of the richest person ever lived on earth,
Mansa Musa a black man.
To those who say white people are racists
Have you ever heard of the worst racism ever witnessed on earth
Black mass killings of the Tutsi race, the Ndebele race to mention a few.
To those who say blacks are criminals,
Have you ever heard of the worst criminal ever lived on earth
A former inmate at Alcatraz Al Capone a white man.
To those who say Americans are war mongers
Do you know how much American people give?
If you ask the American people(not the government) to vote, 90% will vote against war.
If we could see each other for who we truly are, not the way we act.
We could appreciate each other, because we are the same – good people.
If you find me speaking European language, I remain an African man.
But instead, we have abandoned ourselves
And now thinks the way everyone thinks, what the world wants us to believe.
As for the way we wear…

racismFashion means wearing the way everyone wears these days.
So the world has changed us not vice versa.
It’s us who are supposed to change the world.
“Don’t you know that you are the light to the world?”
We nolonger see the way it is but the way we have become.

Not everything is what it seems to be.
We don’t see things as it is but as we have become.
Not everything that seems good is good
And what seems bad is bad.
Not every nation we think is free is free.
And not every nation we think is not free is not free

The so called free nations have organizations or individuals who dictates the president and the media.
Can that country be said to be free? No, not even one person is free
What about those nations which you think are not free?
The president refused those organizations or individuals to dictate him/her
And now considers himself and his people free.

But for him to protect himself and his people from those organizations and individuals.
He now clings to power and dictate his people.
As a result the people suffers more economically at the hands of the (dictator) organizations and individuals.
And suffers more politically from their own (dictator)president.
In which setup are people free?

Guess what?
None of these people under both setups are free.
That includes the dictators of presidents.

Because we are only free when we do what we want.
And fulfilled when we become our trueselves.

What do you need?
What do I need?
What is the solution to the world’s problems?
Who must we become to be fulfilled, happy and satisfied?
What we need is not in the media or the books we learn at school.
Neither is it found deep down the oceans nor on top of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Neither to the west nor to the east.

All we need, we have
It lies within each of us.
It’s not a journey to a far land but a journey back home.
Where we have been before.
We do not need a 10 trillion dollar budget, for what we all need is free and the same.
Because we are the same – just one people, created by one God who is love.

All we need is love and for us to become our trueselves.
And when we become our trueselves we become love.
Because that’s who we truly are – love.
That’s why everyone wants to do that which is good.
And feel good when praised for the good we have done.
And feel bad when mocked for the bad we have done.
That’s exactly what we want.
And everyone is free when she does as she wants.
Which is doing that which is good, driven by love.

Today, I ask you to do what you want
And for you to become your trueself.
And see things the way it is, not the way we have become.
Then react and do everything out of love.
For we shall all know that we are one.
And noone will divide us again.

For we shall all be united by love in love and know without doubt that we are one.
Then we shall see racism for what it is,
And the so called wise preachers of racism as who they truly are.
And our light will without pushing or trying conquer darkness.
Because when light comes, darkness disappears.

And racism will be a thing of the past.

Yours faithfully

Listin Gumbi


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