Dear Pastor Queeneth. I believe
October 21, 2017
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Botswana school outreach speech

One way to success

My fellow countrymen, my young brothers and sisters.
Today, you are where I was a few years ago.
I could not listen to the teachers,
That’s why I failed.
I could not listen to my parents,
Again, that’s why I failed.
Why didn’t I want to listen to my teachers and my parents?
The answer is,
I wanted to please everyone, through misbehaving, at the expense of my future.
As a result, I failed my life,
As for my friend she was impregnated,
And she became a mother of her child,
While she was still a child herself,
As for the rest of my friends, you know the story,
As for you, (pause) you know yourself (pause) and the road you are on and mostly! (pause) where it leads.
But, but lucky for you it’s not too late,
There is only one way to success

Love is the only one way to success.
Not any type of love but the love of God.
Why am I saying so?
My answer, is my question
Who has ever failed the subject whom he loved?
No one.
Even me, besides my misbehaving I loved sciences and,
That’s the only subject I passed.
So love your subjects and you will pass them
Love your degree and you will pass it
Love your work and you will give it your best
And when you give your work your best you will be promoted,
And when you get promoted you succeed in life
And when you succeed in life you will be happy
But if you fail, you will be sad and miserable
And stress will not leave you even for an hour
So love is the only way to success

When you love, you are love
Because, you can’t give – that – which – you – do – not – have.
And, nothing – comes – out – of – you. – Unless – it – is – in – you.
Just like a mango tree gives birth to mango fruits
So is love,
Love gives birth to success, happiness, satisfaction, peace, fairness, unity, and all that is good.
The same applies in business,
When you love your clients you will give them the best,
When you give them the best,
They will keep coming back,
And they will tell all their friends about you,
And your business will succeed
And when you succeed you will be happy
But if you fail, you will be sad and miserable
So brethren, agree with me,
Love is the only way to success

When you do everything in love,
You are doing everything in God
Because God is love.
When you have found love,
You have found God,
And everything will follow.
When you align yourself with God
You will move from a life of struggle to a life of easy and flow,
Because his light in you, will chase away all the darkness,
When light comes into you, all the darkness runs away
It’s not a matter of trying or pushing but it happens automatically.
So is your success (automatically)
What is darkness? You maybe asking
Darkness is late coming, not listening to your teachers or parents, absenteeism, stealing, friends with bad influence etc
But when you become love,
You will only attract those,
And that which is good and right.
For people do not get what they want, but what they are
So love is the only way to success

Yes, there other ways to success
It’s true.
Without love you can get married, you can have a lot of money, you can become a president
etcetera, etcetera, etcetera
But! Listen to me
Without love your marriage is a prison
Without love you cannot please God
Without love in a family brother kills brother
Without love in a country, there is no peace but war rules the country
Without love your career goes nowhere
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera
So brethren, Love remains the only way to success.

My fellow brethren,
I am not talking about Eros love,
Love that is erotic
But Agape love
Love that gives without expecting to be given back
Love that loves without asking do you love me too?
Love of God that comprises of,
Love for God,
Love that we have for God.
Love for others,
Love that we have for others
God’s love,
The love of God he has for us
And all this is one – the love of God
If you have love for God you will obey his word,
Which means you will not commit any sin against him or others
If you love the father you will love his children
Because we are all his children you will love others
That’s why I said,
Love is the only way to success

The question now is,
How to become love,
Not how to love,
Because how to do is trying and pushing,
Because you will be giving that which you do not have
While how to become is easy and flow
Because you will be giving that which is plenty in you.
How to become love is easy
Make a decision to become love at all costs
Tell yourself again and again that you are love,
And do everything in love and make every decision out of love
And ask yourself every day, have I taken all the decisions out of love
Have I done everything out of love and mark your achievements everyday
And hunger to grow day by day.

That is the process
And the best way to learn is to teach
Go and teach 5 others about love, be it your father, young sister, your neighbour etc
And share this message on whatsapp, facebook everywhere so that others may also become love.
That is love.
And remember to love is to sacrifice,
And to love is to give,

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your time
I love you, I love you, i love you, Thank you.

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