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June 21, 2016
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October 16, 2017
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20 things you didnt know about Listin Gumbi the founder of Tgs

Listin Gumbi

Listin Gumbi

    1. Listin Gumbi was born into extreme poverty. He could go for 3 days without a single meal.
    2. All the companies Listin started, his real goal was to get money and help the world become a better place for all.
    3. Listin financed Tgs activities alone from 2006 to 2016
    4. Listin Gumbi started inventing at the age of 15
    5. Listin wrote his first book when he was in grade 7.
    6. Listin started writing poems for his school poetry team while he was in grade 5
    7. Listin Gumbi is a black belt Karate master. He was once cautioned by the police after he kicked a robot steel pole half down while showcasing the power of a human being to another teenage boy. Another day when he was attacked by some guys he left them to attack him. Even though he knew that he could end their lives with one kick each.
    8. Listin Gumbi grew up in one of the world’s poorest country, in the world’s poorest area along the Limpopo river.
    9. Listin is a self taught coder, programmer and ethical hacker.
    10. Listin never liked wearing shoes. He could wear them when leaving home and hang them around his neck after a few meters away and wear them again when he is a few metres away from home to avoid a beating.
    11. Listin grew in the rural areas cultivating fields before going to school. And rush home after school to herd goats.
    12. Nomatter how Genius Listin is he failed his ordinary level examinations. He only passed science subject.
    13. When Listin wanted to open a grocery shop he had no capital. Instead of quitting he made a deal with the shop owners to sell his goods which they didnt have in stock. He made more sales than 2 grocery shops could make.
    14. Listin took care of his brother in law’s young brother who was suffering from AIDS. Since he couldnt walk and didn’t have pampers he could mess himself and no one could take care of him. Listin risked his life cleaning and bathing him with his own bare hands because there were no gloves. Even though he feared that he will contract hiv as everyone was saying he soldiered on.
    15. Listin’s first time to wear shoes was when he was in grade 4 (donated by Plan international). He later gave them to his sister after 2 weeks.
    16. From grade 1 to Grade 7 Listin was always number 1 in his stream of 4 classes passing with flying colors.
    17. Listin’s first supermarket was in Hilbrow.
    18. Listin owns 26 companies.
    19. Listin is the owner of Ecotel a telecommunications giant that gives all of its profits to the building of Africa and other needy people through Tgs.
    20. Listin Gumbi can shoot a fly from a long distance with a gun as long as he can see it. And can grab an attacker’s gun a few metres away from him.

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    Nice bro. Keep doing the good work. Help me with investing ideas

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